Important Tips in Eliminating Annoying Bikini Razor Bumps

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Razor bumps have been an issue that only men have had to grapple with. This is no longer the case as more women have taken to shaving their legs and bikini areas. Men have been familiar with razor bumps because of regular shaving of their beards and mustaches. The term razor bumps is used to describe a medical condition known as pseudofolliculitis barbae. This refers to the tiny bumps or pimples which usually occur after shaving.

Razor bumps occur when hair that has been shaved begins to grow again but this time it curls and re-enters the skin. On re-entering it causes the body to activate its defense systems thinking that the hair is a foreign object. The body's response to ingrown hairs causes inflammation which in many cases can be very painful. In extreme cases the skin may break out into pus and can even scar permanently depending on the severity of the inflammation.

Men have been used to fighting razor bumps using various means which may also apply perfectly to women. Women are used to shaving their legs and bikini areas. This is because today it is considered "uncool" if bikini hair peeks on the side or at the top of low cut or high cut bikini. It is also noticeable that most bikini manufacturers are coming up with smaller and smaller bikinis which cannot be worn without shaving. This has necessitated a whole industry dedicated to shaving and waxing which runs into billions of dollars each year in spa treatments and shaving products.

Many women suffer from the unsightly effects of bikini razor burn. There are however, a four major techniques that women can employ to totally eliminate annoying bikini razor bumps. Let us go through them:

The Razor

One of the most common reasons for bikini razor burn or ingrown hairs is re-using a shaving razor. Most women report that they use the same razor at least 4 times. This is the main reason why the skin breaks out. Old razors have lost their sharp edge and therefore do not shave closely. By using a totally new razor, women can totally eliminate bikini razor bumps from occurring or at least drastically reduce them.

The Water

Some people prefer to soak inside the bath tub before taking a shower. While this can be a very relaxing technique, it causes the skin to become softer thereby making it easier for it to react to ingrown hair. In order to eliminate bikini ingrown hairs or razor burn, it is recommended that you shave immediately you enter the shower or tub.

Soap or Gel?

Another method that works in eliminating these razor bumps is to use clinically-approved gel. Many women use regular body wash to shave. While this is not entirely unhealthy and there are those who have not yet reported any harmful side effects, this is not the recommended way of shaving. To reduce razor bumps in the bikini area, using medically-approved shaving gel is the way to go. These are also readily available in pharmacies.

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Important Tips in Eliminating Annoying Bikini Razor Bumps

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This article was published on 2010/04/01